How do you see yourself in 5, 10 or 15 years?
How will you feel?
How will you look?

Our Vision

To be the company you can trust to keep you young while you age.

Age Better

By being able to manipulate the “code of life,” we are going to create new ways of living and new ways of growing older. We are going to help people age better, healthier and with more quality of life. For these reasons, OneSkin is on a mission to help people access the best anti-aging products so they can achieve these universal desires and age their best.

Our Process

Production of human skin tissues in vitro

In vitro skin aging using DNA-Based age prediction algorithm

Skin molecular clock resulting in product efficacy validation


Screening platform


Human skin aging “replication”


Biomarkers for skin aging

Young Skin


Aged Skin

30 years old

80 years old


We collaborate with academic and research institutions, as well as companies, to explore the potential of any compound to reverse skin aging using our robust skin tissue-based platform.

Our Team

Carolina Oliveira,
Chief Executive Officer
Don Andres,
Chief Technology Officer
Alessandra Zonari,
Chief Scientific Officer
Mariana Boroni,
Head of Bioinformatics
Juliana Carvalho,
Head of Innovation